⚠️ This article contains advanced topics and is intended for Office 365 system administrators.

Depending on your Office 365 settings and the number of meetings your team schedules, Office365 can be overzealous about emails coming from x.ai via the custom email address on your domain. Here is how to whitelist your Scheduling AI to ensure these emails get through.

First, log into https://protection.office.com/ and check to see if your custom AI is blocked from sending by looking at the Blocked Users. Click "Review" under the "Threat Management" menu on the left:

Click on "Restricted Users" on this page. If your Scheduling AI is on this list, remove it.

Next, click on "Policy" under the "Threat Management menu:

Click on the Anti-spam option under Policies:

We will set up a custom policy to allow x.ai scheduling emails to go through. You can do so by clicking the "Create an outbound policy" button:

You will want to set up a policy specific to the Scheduling AI. First, give it a name and set yourself (or others) to be alerted to this policy as follows:

Under "Recipient Limits" set the option for "No action, alert only":

Next, explicitly allow forwarding for this policy:

Finally, apply this policy only to your Scheduling AI by selecting them specifically:

Save your settings and click "Yes" when prompted to update your security settings. The settings will be deployed after a few minutes.

Once the changes are deployed, you should see your new policy in the list of policies with a priority of 0:

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