You can set a limit on how many of a certain meeting template you want scheduled per day. This preference is available on all types of meeting templates, including Combined and Round Robin.

To add a limit to a Meeting Template, go to your Meeting Templates page or your Team Meeting Templates page and click to edit an existing template or create a new template. Within the section When can guests book using this Calendar Page?, you'll find the Max Meetings Allowed Per Day setting.

You can select from that dropdown the max number you want to allow per day or if you want a number that you don't see in the dropdown, you can type in your own custom limit.

This limit will be applied per template per day, but not across meeting templates.

What happens when a day reaches the max?
Once you've reached the limit on a given day for one of your Meeting Templates, that day will simply not show as available on that Calendar Page and the day wouldn't be offered if you used a Slash Command.

Rescheduling or canceling a meeting using a certain meeting template with a limit does free back up a slot on that day.

I use Round Robin Meeting Templates. How does the limit work for them?
For Round Robin Meeting Templates, which allow your guest to select a time with any available team member, the limit will be applied per team member per template per day, so if you there are 3 people on a round robin template that has a max of 5, each team member could have up to 5 meetings of that type per day.

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