You can add your own Google Analytics tracking ID to your Calendar Pages simply by adding your own GA Tracking ID (Universal Analytics) or your Measurement ID (GA4). To find your tracking ID, simply go to your Google Analytics Admin section and find your Property Settings (Universal Analytics) or Measurement ID (GA4):

For Universal Analytics (analytics.js):

For GA4 (gtag.js):

Next, visit your account at and add your tracking ID there. That's it, your Google Analytics account will start tracking traffic!

Google Analytics for Teams

Users on our Team Plan can add an additional tracker in their Team Preferences. The tracking code setting is accessible from

If you use the same tracking ID for both your individual settings and your team settings, your Calendar Pages will only show the tracker once. If you use a different Tracking ID, both will appear on the page.

What Data is Sent?

Your Calendar pages will track all Page Views and URL parameters just like any other page. In addition, will send events to your Google Analytics property when a meeting is scheduled on the page. These are the event details:

Event Category: Guest Initiated Meeting
Event Action: Meeting Scheduled
Event Label: [MEETING_ID]

💡 Google Analytics is available on all paid plans.

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