You can easily pre-fill your guest's information so that when they go to schedule through one of your Calendar Pages, it's even easier for them to schedule!

To do this, you can add parameters to your Calendar Page link when you share it and when your guest clicks on it and reaches the "Enter Your Details" page the information from those URL parameters will pre-populate the corresponding fields.

You can pre-fill first name, last name, email address, and even custom fields. The syntax is shown below using John Smith as an example guest.

The following fields are available and below you can find the parameter name and an example of the syntax for John Smith,

  • First Name - xai_firstname=John

  • Last Name - xai_lastname=Smith

  • Email Address -

  • Additional Guests -,

  • Guest's Phone Number (when the location is you will call your guest) - xai_phone=123-456-7899

  • Custom Field - xai_custom_field_1=Example%20Company

    Note: if you have multiple custom fields, use the format above and change the number at the end - the order for these parameters correspond with the order they are displayed both in your Meeting Template preferences and on the Calendar Page itself

    Note: Additional guests must be up to 10 email addresses separated by commas. You will need to have a calendar page that is set to allow guests to invite others and all of them will receive the meeting invitation.

If you are a Individual or Team User, you are also able to override the location information. Learn more here.

Here is an example of how the full link might look using as the example - you can pre-fill John Smith's information on this Calendar Page by using this format:

The result will be that when someone uses that link and gets to the Enter Your Details screen, the first name, last name, and email address will be filled out like this:

Your guest can edit any of this information if needed. Otherwise, they just have to select a time and hit Schedule Meeting to book a time with you.

In terms of syntax, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Use a question mark ? before the first parameter

  • The information after the enter sign = is what will be pre-filled

  • When using multiple parameters, separate them with an ampersand &

  • If you need to add a space, you can use %20, i.e. for a double first name xai_firstname=Anna%20Claire

If the person who clicks on the link happens to be an user, the information will be pre-filled with their account information.

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