⚠️ This feature is only available to our Individual and Team users. Free users can upgrade here to access this feature.

You can now set up Passcode Protected Calendar Pages and require guests to enter a passcode before they are able to view your availability and schedule a meeting through a Calendar Page.

How do I set this up?

Within your Meeting Template Preferences, go to the "Privacy" section and turn on the toggle to enable a passcode. This passcode is case sensitive and must have at least 1 character.

Once you've added your passcode, hit "Save" on the Meeting Template. Now, anyone who goes to that Calendar Page will be asked to provide the passcode before they can view your availability and schedule a meeting.

This feature is also available on your Combined and Round Robin Calendar Pages within the "Privacy" section.

What will my guests see?
When a guest goes to a Passcode Protected Calendar Page, they will be asked for the passcode.

If they enter the correct passcode, they'll be able to view the availability for that Calendar Page and schedule a meeting with you.

If they enter an incorrect passcode, they won't be able to view the availability until they have entered the correct passcode.

What happens if I downgrade?
If you downgrade to the Free plan, your guest will no longer be required to enter a passcode. They will be able to view availability right away. However, there are additional Privacy options available to Free users, including making a Calendar Page private so that it doesn't appear on your Calendar Homepage and requiring your approval when someone requests a meeting through your Calendar Page. Both of these can be found within the "Privacy" section of your Meeting Template preferences.

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