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When an event is added to your Calendar, the event details, such as Meeting Title, Location, and Participants, may or may not be visible to others looking at your calendar. Events can be either Public or Private.

By default, x.ai will add events to your calendar based on your default calendar settings, so if your calendar is set to Public, all meetings that x.ai adds will be added as Public and vice versa. We know for certain types of meetings, you might prefer the event details to be private or public and now you can customize this on your Meeting Templates for Calendar Page and Slash Command Meetings.

How do I set this up?

You can set this up in your Meeting Template Preferences under the "Privacy" section.

Your options are:

  • Default - this uses your Calendar Settings

  • Public - event details will be visible to anyone who has access to your calendar

  • Private - event details will be hidden to anyone who has access to your calendar. They would only see that you were "busy" during a time slot.

Hit "Save" and this Event Visibility setting will be used for all future meetings booked using that Meeting Template.

Pro Tip: You can also always update the visibility within your Google or Office Calendar if you ever need to update an event that is already on your Calendar.

What happens if I downgrade?

If you downgrade to the Free plan, you will no longer be able to customize the Event Visibility and all x.ai events will be added according to your default Calendar settings.

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