With our payments integration, users on the Individual and Team plans can connect their Stripe account to x.ai and require guests to pay when booking through one of their Calendar Pages.

We do not currently support allowing your guests to enter a coupon code at checkout, however you can configure your meeting templates as follows to offer your guests a discount when booking time with you.

Set up a new meeting template for each discount you want to provide.

You can set up a new meeting template for each of the discounts you want to provide your guests here.

For example, you can set up a consulting meeting template with a 10% discount and call it /consulting10p to create a URL distinct from your main consulting meeting template.

You can then apply the discount to the price you charge for this template. For example, if your standard rate is $300, you can set the amount to be collected as $270 for this 10% discounted template ($300 - ($300 x 10%)).

To ensure this discounted template is not available to all of your guests, you can use the Privacy section to hide this template from your Calendar Homepage so it is not public and add a passcode to the template.

You can then duplicate this meeting template to create a new template for each of the discounts you'd like to provide your guests (e.g. 15%, 25%, etc).

You can then share these discounted templates in similar ways to sharing a coupon. For example: "Hey Lauren, go to https://calendar.x.ai/peacock/consulting10p and use Password123 for a 10% discount!"

Limit available dates for discounted sessions

If you're eager to fill up otherwise slow times of year, you can change the Availability of your discounted meeting template to only show time slots in a specific date range.

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