⚠️ Post-Meeting Actions are only available to our Individual and Team users. If you are a Free user, you can upgrade to get access.

What are Post-Meeting Actions?
Post-Meeting Actions allow you to set up an automated email to go out a certain amount of time after the end of the meeting. These are perfect for a lot of different workflows, such as sending a customer support satisfaction survey, a Calendar Page link for a follow up session, the Product Demo deck you just presented, or just a simple thank you.

How do I set up a Post-Meeting Action?
Post-Meeting Actions are available on your Meeting Templates.

There is a section called Post-Meeting Actions and within that section you can customize both the timing and personalize the Email Subject and Email Body.

You can set the timing to be a certain number of minutes, hours or days after the meeting's end time.

You can add multiple actions and personalize the Subject and Email body of each one using the "Insert variable" drop down menu. There are a set of variables available to you so you can insert specific information from the meeting details. The following variables are available for you:

  • Meeting title — [meeting_title]

  • Meeting time — [meeting_time]; this includes the timezone of the recipient

  • Meeting date — [meeting_date]

  • Meeting duration — [meeting_duration]

  • Guest’s first and last name — [guest_first_name] [guest_last_name]

You can also embed links in the text with the format: [display text](url) and if you'd like to add a link to the Meeting Page on my.x.ai, so your guests can make changes easily, you can use the variable [my.x.ai Meeting Page Link] and follow the same syntax of [display text]([my.x.ai Meeting Page Link)].

If you are on the Team plan and have the setting turned on to use your Company Logo on emails, your company logo will be shown on Post-Meeting Action emails.

Here is an example of what your guest will see:

I'm a Free user. Can I enable these?
Post-Meeting Actions are only available to our Individual and Team users. You can upgrade to get access to this feature.

Is it possible to have a reminder go out before the meeting?
Yep! We call those Pre-Meeting Reminders and you can learn more here.

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