You can set a global limit on the maximum number of meetings you want to schedule either per day or per week. This account-level preference applies to all of your meetings scheduled with, across all of the calendars you have connected to, allowing you to streamline your days and weeks to ensure you have time for focus activities.

To set this up, go to Select the number of meetings in the left dropdown and then choose whether that limit should apply per day or per week. You can enter a custom number in the dropdown if you are looking for a different option than the options shown.

What happens when I reach my limit?

When you hit your daily or weekly limit for the global max number of meetings, will stop offering availability for the remaining day or week. Your guests will only see time options on days or weeks in the future, depending on your settings.

You can continue to schedule meetings as usual and will notify you if a meeting you’re trying to schedule exceeds your daily or weekly limit. For calendar page meetings that require your approval, you'll have the option to decide whether you'd like to "Book it anyway" or "Find a different time".

If you've reached your limit on a given day or week, you can still always ask for a meeting to happen on a certain day or in a certain week and will offer times accordingly, but give you a warning so you are aware.

What types of meetings are included in this? Does it count meetings not scheduled by
The Global Max looks at ALL meetings scheduled by, including meetings requested over email or the Meeting Creator, booked through your Calendar Page, or scheduled through a One-Time Link. It also includes any meetings scheduled by where you are a guest.

Meetings that are not scheduled by are NOT counted towards your global max.

Can I set a limit for one of my Meeting Templates?
Yes, you can also set a max for each of your Meeting Templates, so that you can only have 5 /phone meetings per day, etc. You can set up a limit for one of your meeting templates by going to and within the "Availability" section, look for Max Meetings Allowed Per Day. You can find more information in this article.

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