When a guest books a meeting through your Calendar Page, x.ai will request the basic information to schedule a meeting, including first name, last name, email address, and location information (depending on the Meeting Template preferences).

You have the option of setting up custom Guest Questions to collect additional information from your guests. Their responses will be included on the calendar invite and in the confirmation email you receive when the meeting is booked.

🔈 Pro-Tip: If you use Zapier, your guest's responses will be included in the payload that x.ai sends to Zapier so you can use their responses in your Zapier workflows. Learn more about Zapier.

To add Guest Question, go to your Meeting Templates and edit an existing template or create a new one. Under the Guest Questions section, you can add a label for the question type and select the answer type that suits you best. The possible answer types are:

  1. One-line - your guest can enter one line of freeform text

  2. Multiple lines - your guest can enter multiple line of freeform text

  3. Dropdown - your guest can select one from a list of options you set

  4. Checkboxes - your guest can select multiple from a list of options you set

⚠️ Only users on the Individual or Team plan can create a question with a dropdown or checkboxes. If you are a Free user, you will need to upgrade to access those answer types.

For both Dropdown and Checkboxes, you will be able to create a list of options your guests can select from.

For each guest question, you can also set whether the field should be required or not. To remove a question, hit the X on the right side.

Once you've saved the Meeting Template, your guests will start seeing these questions before they book the meeting.

The responses will be included on the Meeting Page on my.x.ai, in the Description of the Calendar Invite.

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