Welcome to x.ai! x.ai is a tool to schedule meetings for you and your team.

With x.ai, you can streamline the process of finding times to meet by creating templates for the different types of meetings you do. x.ai uses those saved preferences to generate possible times that work for you. When you’re ready to schedule, you can share a link to your availability or you can have x.ai send times to the people you’re meeting with.

This guide will walk you through setting up Meeting Templates and show you how to schedule meetings.

How to Set Up Your x.ai Meeting Templates

A meeting template is a collection of saved preferences for a specific type of meeting, like what days and times you’d like to do these meetings, where they’ll be held, and how long they’ll run for. x.ai uses these preferences along with the free time slots on your calendars to generate possible times you’re available to meet. You then decide how to share this availability.

As you think about the types of Meeting Templates you need, you should think about both the content of the meetings you do — introductory sales calls, candidate interviews, real estate showings, office hours — as well as the structure of your most common meetings — 30 minute phone calls, 45 minute Zooms, 90 minutes at the lobby coffee shop.

Meeting Template Preferences

You can create and edit Meeting Templates on my.x.ai/calendarpage/templates. Your meeting template preferences include basic details like:

  • Your Scheduling Hours — When you're available to do those types of meetings

  • Meeting Duration — How long the meeting will be scheduled for

  • Meeting Location — Where the meeting will be held

You can also set preferences that apply additional limits to your availability:

  • Lead Time — The amount of time you want before the meeting can be scheduled

  • Breather Time — The amount of time you want to have built in after this meeting

  • Max Meetings Allowed Per Day or Per Week — Set a limit on this type of meeting

You may also want to set advanced preferences depending on the type of meeting:

  • Add meetings to a specific calendar — This is ideal for people managing multiple work calendars, as well as ones using x.ai across their professional and personal calendars

  • Record & Transcribe — You can set this preference to always record and transcribe meetings scheduled with this template.

  • Pre-Meeting Reminders — Customize reminder emails that are sent to your guests ahead of the meeting.

  • Post-Meeting Actions — Automatically send an email after the meeting happens to prompt next steps.

Pro Tip: You can browse the x.ai meeting template library for ideas and inspiration. Add any template to your x.ai account with one click.

Customize Your Default Meeting Template

As you set up your Meeting Templates, you should also save preferences under your Default Meeting Template. These preferences are used as a fallback if you schedule a meeting without specifying a template. They’re also used if another x.ai user schedules a meeting with you. On your Meeting Templates page, your default is at the top of the list and marked by a star.

You can change the name and URL for your Default Meeting Template, and you can even switch which one of your templates is your default.

You can also opt to use your Default Meeting Template’s Scheduling Hours on other Meeting Templates. This can be a fast way to manage changes to your availability.

How to Schedule a Meeting with x.ai

The most straightforward way to schedule a meeting is to share a Calendar Page link.

Every Meeting Template has a corresponding Calendar Page that you can share when someone asks to meet with you. Your guest will see your availability, based on the preferences for that meeting template, and they can select a time that works for them to book the meeting.

Calendar Pages are easy and efficient, but there may be times when you want a different approach.

Copy & Paste Times into any message

You can Copy & Paste Times into any message by selecting one of your Meeting Templates and choosing up to three days you’d like to offer times.

Then copy and paste those options as HTML into an email or as text with links into any messaging platform.

Use Meeting Template shortcuts to schedule over email

Scheduling over email is as simple as adding scheduler@x.ai to any email that has your guests on it. You can then use any meeting template shortcut in natural language: Scheduler, book a /phone meeting.

After you send the email to your guests and Scheduler, x.ai will send an email just to you that confirms the details of your request. You’ll see a summary of the Meeting Template settings: The title, the date/time range, the location, the guest(s), and the meeting duration.

From this email, you can opt to make additional changes to the request on my.x.ai or you can click the “Schedule as is” button and Scheduler will immediately email a selection of your available times to your guests.

Similar to when you copy available times into a message, your guests will each receive an email with a selection of your available time slots. From the email, they can choose a time and confirm their information to book the meeting. They can also click a link to view more times, which brings them to a calendar page where they can see a broader range of your availability.

When your guest(s) confirms a time, x.ai sends out the event invite to everyone on your behalf.

Note: If you don’t specify a template shortcut in your email, x.ai will automatically use the presets from your default meeting template.

Use Meeting Template shortcuts to schedule over Slack

x.ai’s Slack app makes it easy to schedule meetings from any channel or DM on Slack.

Type out the Slack command /scheduler along with your Meeting Template shortcut, then @mention your guests and/or write out their email addresses and send the message: /Scheduler Book an /implementation-call with @liying @dennis monica@lyft.com

Choose a Meeting Template to schedule with the Meeting Creator

The x.ai Meeting Creator makes it easy to schedule a meeting with any number of people.

Select one of your Meeting Templates, add your guests’ email addresses, and start scheduling in seconds. Just like when you schedule over email, x.ai will send time options to your guests.

Learn more about the Meeting Creator.

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