MailChimp is the most popular email and customer communication platforms available and for good reason. It is powerful yet whimsical, simple yet feature-rich. Millions of businesses rely on MailChimp for their email management and now you can integrate's scheduling tool into MailChimp with a few simple steps!

Create Personalized Scheduling Links in MailChimp

Using's flexible Calendar Page URL parameters, you can pre-fill your prospect's information on your Calendar Page to enable one-click scheduling. Doing so is simple, just create a link or a button and configure the Url for the link or button as follows:*|FNAME|*&xai_lastname=*|LNAME|*&xai_email=*|EMAIL|*

(replace "your_url/your_page" with your actual Calendar Page)

Add xai_phone=*|PHONE|* if your Calendar Page requests a guest's phone number. You can also pre-fill any guest questions you ask on your Calendar Page.

This URL uses MailChimp's Merge Tags to pre-fill your guest's information in the Calendar Page so that when they click the link from your email they can pick a time and then just click the (customizable!) Schedule Meeting button.

(if you use you may need to use an incognito window)

Update a Customer's MailChimp Record Automatically

Now that you have sent your users to a personalized Calendar Page, you will want to update the user in MailChimp once they schedule a meeting on Using the Zapier Integration to connect to MailChimp, you can do exactly that.

Simply create a "Zap" that will run whenever a meeting is scheduled in Upon scheduling a meeting, Zapier can then update MailChimp and trigger a campaign, add or remove a tag, or update a subscriber's information. We've even created a simple zap for you!

Happy scheduling!

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