The Notiv + integration makes it seamless to capture & transcribe calls scheduled via Notiv can record, transcribe and summarize your meetings for you so that you can focus on being present in the meeting.

What is Notiv?
Notiv is a tool that helps you meet better. Notiv will help you:

  • Capture your meetings and conversations, be it online, in person or via the telephone.

  • Transcribe and summarise your meeting into an executive summary in minutes not hours

  • Review and assign decisions, follow-up tasks and action items, and

  • Share and collaborate with other team members, clients or anyone else!

How do I set it up within
After you set up your Free Notiv Account, you can select Notiv as your preferred service on and hit "Save".

Once you've selected that, you can decide which types of meetings you'd like automatically added to. You can turn it on for any of your Meeting Templates or selectively add to any of your meetings.

To add it to a meeting template, go to to edit an existing template or create a new one. Under the Record & Transcribe section, you can turn the toggle on and hit save.

You can also selectively Notiv to meetings you schedule over email, as well as on the Meeting Creator, by simply cc-ing in on the email thread or adding as a guest on the Meeting Creator.

It's not toggled on for my Meeting Templates, but Notiv is joining my meetings. Why is that happening?
You likely have a setting enabled in your Notiv account to join certain meetings. You can check their Help Center or reach out to their support team at with any questions.

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